“What impressed me about Ludgate Engineering is that they are more innovative than their competitors. Ludgate has the depth of knowledge without the bureaucracy of larger firms.”
Sam Loth,  Fmr. Executive Director, West Reading Main Street Authority

“We truly work for a unique and amazing family who have managed to create a friendly and professional work environment. The Ludgates allow and encourage creative thinking and give everyone a chance to be a star. It is our choice how high we want to fly.  Ludgate employees have formed some unbreakable bonds allowing each of us to work effectively together in completing projects as we reach our personal goals. We feel each other’s pain, encourage each other’s dreams and share each other’s joys. We are a family.”
– Jackie Hollenbach, Municipal Coordinator

“Thomas and Matt are a great asset to have on board, sharpest surveyor and engineering team I’ve ever had the pleasure collaborate with. Very, very responsive.”
– Paul Elser